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Night Terrors} Tucker x Reader one-shot
The picture brought back memories of what seemed to be millions of years ago. Creases were permanently embedded into the once-glossy paper, the corners rounded. It had been taped together more than once. The photograph was of you and a man, both in white and red armor. You were both helmeted, and it wouldn't have been known to anyone but you and him, that you were both happy. Your eyes remained locked onto the worn picture.
Knocking at your door pulled you from your stupor, and your head whipped up. If someone needed you, you'd be commed. People rarely came to your door asking for something. Before you could answer, it slid open, and a soldier in cyan armor was in your doorway.
"Tucker." You started to fold the photograph, concealing it in your gloved hand. "What do you-"
"Came to apologize." He mumbled, his helmet directed to the floor. A flash of anger took over, and you clenched your fist shut around the photograph.
"Washington told you to." You replied icily as you unclenched your
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Get Home} Maine x Reader
It was a slaughterhouse. Chaotic, confusing, and drenched in the thick, choking scent of fear. Alarms were blaring overhead, the crew still surviving was in a panicked frenzy. The Director was gone. The counselor was nowhere in sight. And the freelancers were in a disarray. You only knew that the Mother of Invention was going down, and that several freelancers had betrayed the Project.
It was overwhelming. The red flashing lights, the screeching alarms, the random gunfire. Who was behind the attack? Which of your fellow agents had betrayed you all, and why?
The ship had been forcibly landed on a cold and snowy planet. All you knew, was that you needed to get out of here. Your heavy boots made loud clanging sounds on the metal floors as you raced through the dormitory hall. You had already collected all your gear from your room. As you passed the doors, Maine's door flew by you. You stopped, turning on your heel to open the door. Would he be in here? You needed to find him.
The room was
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Mature content
Run pt.2} Agent Maine x Reader {lemon} :iconsnips13:Snips13 12 1
Run pt.1} Agent Maine x Reader
"I'm not going to be able to get in any closer! Opening bay doors in three... two..." You gritted your teeth, trying to prevent from biting through your tongue as the pelican lurched. The pilot's voice crackled through your helmet's built in speakers. Your gloved left hand clenched the bar overhead. A quick glance at your partner showed the massive man doing likewise. He appeared calm as ever. The sudden whoosh of air and smoke into the ship startled you back into focus.
"Wish us luck." You muttered, taking a step backwards, preparing to drop. Your partner looked over to you, giving a minuscule nod before jumping out of the pelican and into the warzone below. You took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing." You hesitantly launched yourself out of the pelican and after your partner.
"Glad to see you two could join the party!" North's voice crackled into your speakers as you plummeted towards battlefield. Your white armored partner was still falling below you, but the ground was closing in f
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26th Oblivion
It had been six months since the attempted strike on the Hive temple. Entropy-25 had been trying to get back into her work after a week long patrol on Venus. She would often join other fireteams for a few missions, being a sought after member for many groups of guardians. But after many failed attempts at bonding with a new fireteam, she gave up. She started leaving the tower for longer periods of time, returning only when she needed the cryptarch’s help with decryptions. Not many guardians would notice her absences, and of those who did, few understood why. Entropy was alone now, and they had resolved to give her space until she was ready to return to her work for good.
But one morning at the tower, she picked up everything she had and left. There was no note, no message left for anyone as to where she had gone, and no trace she had ever even existed, save for the relationships and memories other guardians had with her.
It was obvious she wasn’t coming back. Cayde, the new
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Deadpool x Reader} Answering Machine
“Hey, this is (Name), clearly I’m not at the phone. Probably busy. Or ignoring you. Leave a message. I might call back.” Wade rolled his eyes as the answering machine spouted its instructions for leaving a message, yet again. “Please leave a message at the tone.” He took a deep breath.
“Yo, babe. It’s Wade, your f*ckbuddy. Thought I’d give you a call, tomorrow is, well, it’s tomorrow. You know. Valentines. Whatever. Haven’t seen each other in a while, I figured I should check in, make sure you’re still alive. Yeah. Give me call.” He jammed the hang up button and threw the phone onto the neighboring twin bed. His katanas were tossed haphazardly onto the ruddy orange hotel duvet, and his mask hung from the hat rack by the door. Wade dragged his hands down his scarred face, releasing a long drawn out sigh. He glanced over at the phone. “You’re a piece of work, you know that, (name)?” Th
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Let Them Go, Guardian.
“I’m sorry. The report didn’t look good guardian. I wish I could have helped.” The hunter vanguard’s voice was quiet. His blue optics didn’t meet her red ones. She shook her head, her eyes giving no clue as to how she really felt.
“Your job is at the tower. Not to help us in the field.” Cayde glanced up at her, shaking his head, his voice full of regret and shame.
“That doesn’t excuse this loss. I wanted to help you so badly..” His hand rested on her shoulder as she gave him an even stare. He pulled his hand away, giving an awkward cough as he desperately tried to hide his guilt. It was quiet for a moment before he spoke. “Do what you need to do hunter.”
She turned on her heel, leaving the table as all eyes in all the vanguard were on her sudden and quiet departure. Her ghost came into view, his “eye” trained on her face.
“What now?” The grey shelled ghost’s voice was low as he h
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A Headstrong Titan and the Master of Crows
Her yellow eyes narrowed, giving a piercing glare to the taller Awoken. A smirk graced his features as he told the young Titan again that the queen would not be seeing her.
“Now get out, I can only handle your temper for so long. The queen is rather busy at the moment.” Uldren waited for the Titan’s remark, giving an expectant smile. He leaned over, stooping to her eye level. The fiery redhead’s response did not come however, as she stood seething and biting her lip to keep from saying something she’d later regret. Her older sister Emb had lectured her enough this month.
“Well? I’m waiting. What have you to say?” His yellow eyes bore into her own, and she was practically dying to say what she wanted to, most likely a long string of expletives and insults. He gave a sarcastic smile, and sighed.
“That’s what I had expected. Now go run home to your Traveler and tell that fool Zavala that the Awoken have helped you idiot guardians
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Owed Glimmer and a Pretty Awoken
Emb sat alone on the sofa, staring into the crackling fire. The single Tchaikovsky song the jukebox had downloaded was playing faintly in the background. Tevis stopped at the top of the stairs to watch the guardian quietly. She hadn’t noticed him, so he took the opportunity to take her in. Her silver eyes reflected the flames, and her purplish skin glowed an orangey color. Her high cheekbones and full lips made even more prominent by the fire and poor lighting. He sighed.
Tevis coughed, alerting the half-awoken woman to his presence. She tore her eyes away from the fire, a beautiful smile gracing her face.
“Tevis, nice to see you. Been a while.” She scooched over, creating space for the human. Tevis walked down the stairs and into the quiet rec room. He removed his helmet, a goofy grin plastered to his face. He didn’t meet her eye, knowing she'd be pissed.
“You didn’t.” The smile was wiped off her face and replaced with a glare as she saw his e
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Replacements pt. 7} Deadpool x Reader
You woke with a jolt, as you jerked forward into your seatbelt, your head almost slamming into the dash. You heard in the back of your mind Deadpool shouting some creative expletives. Panic immediately gripped you, as the car took a plunge into a snowy ditch. There was no stopping the crash as the tiny Volvo slammed head on into a tree. Your face was immediately in the airbags as you felt warm liquid running down your head and soaking into your face and airbag. Flashes of white hot pain seared into your skin.
"{name}... {name}.."
His voice was quiet, a low murmur in the background. Every second seemed to last an hour, the pain becoming all consuming. Someone grabbed your arm. And then you blacked out.
Your body stung like fire as you came to. You vaguely sensed rough hands gently bandaging your right arm. You peeled your {e/c} eyes open slowly, wincing as the person bandaging you squeezed a bit too tight.
"Sorry bab
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Replacements pt. 6} Deadpool x Reader
"A week apparently, God dammit, we should have kept a closer eye on her. Who knows where he's taken her." The officer sighed, his face pressed into his palm while holding the phone up to his ear. His small workspace was crowded, stacks of paperwork were thrown haphazardly across the desk. The monitor was asleep, and a cup of cold coffee looked like it had spilled onto the desk, and coffee stained papers proved the spill to have happened.
"Yeah, I know, her mother has been put under watch, we don't want anything to happen to her. I feel awful enough that the college kid was abducted." He dragged his palm down his face, revealing a pair of tired brown eyes an unkempt hair. His ID read Parkman. A phone rang, two, three times. He put his hand over the receiver, and shouted,
"Somebody get that!" He uncovered the receiver and spoke again.
"No sir, we had been trying to figure out where he operates from this entire time, but just yesterday morning, we received a call from an Italian restaura-
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Replacements pt. 5} Deadpool x Reader
You had slept surprisingly well that night. Of course, it was on the couch, and you had to fight your captor for a full hour to keep him from taking you to HIS bed. That wasn't quite fun. Of course, lately whenever something good was happening to you, ie. this beautiful night of sleep, something (deadpool) had to mess it all up.
He shook your shoulder, rousing you from your sleep. You drowsily opened your {e/c} eyes, looking up at him. He was leaning over the back of the couch, peering down at you through his mask. You groaned, and flipped onto your stomach so you didn't have to look at him. You heard him curse something under his breath, and then he threw off the blanket you were under, you moaned and he picked you up, bridal style.
You snapped awake, eyes widening and you opened your mouth to snap a remark. He quickly covered your mouth with your hand.
"Shh-sh-sh-sh.... You have to be quiet." He whispered, barely audible over the sound of the clicking AC. Why is the AC on? It's al
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Replacements pt. 4} Deadpool x Reader
An hour of sitting on the couch and slowly dozing off had taught you one thing. Deadpool was physically unable to clean up. You had watched him stuff at least seventy five pancakes into an alcohol filled fridge. The pan used to cook them was put into the sink soon after, and the sink had just kept stacking up the dirty dishes. That was his only progress. Otherwise, he had moved the same wad of balled up paper towels from the counter to floor and up again several times. There was a pile of dirt being swept around the kitchen. Grime still coated every surface in there, and you found yourself becoming more and more thankful for not eating those pancakes. Eventually you wondered if you'd have to clean the mess yourself.
You had attempted at sleep several times, but your growing uneasiness had prevented you from closing your eyes for more than five minutes. Maybe that was a good thing. You sighed, and pulled your hair back from your face. A sudden thought hit you. [i]Does anyone know I'm mi
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Mature content
Deadpool x Reader} No Solace :iconsnips13:Snips13 6 0
Crave You} Tahno x Reader pt.1
The White Falls Wolfbats were having an impeccable season. They were undefeated, yet again. You held the paper up to your friend, scowling. Your parents' hometown pro bending team had been disbanded at the end of last season, putting a fowl taste to pro bending in your opinion.
She grinned, Sun had family living in Republic City before it was Republic City. Needless to say, Sun was a huge Wolfbats fan. You rolled your eyes.
"Aw come on, you may hate them, but I am a huge fan, (name)." She dumped two sugar packets into her tea, and you scrunched up your nose in distaste.
"Aren't two sugar packets just a BIT overboard Sun? Tea is perfect plain." You pointed out, ever the tea critic.
"Ok, miss Fire Nation. We can't all have perfect taste, can we." She teased, flipping her long brown hair. You grinned.
"Yeah, you're right. If everyone were as perfect as me, nobody would think I'm so perfect anymore." You took a sip of your spiced tea, reminiscing your childhood in the Fire Nation. Your Gra
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Mature content
Deadpool x Reader} Pick Up Lines One-Shot :iconsnips13:Snips13 29 7


LGBT stands for Lgay, Gay, Bgay, Tgay (honk rants)
this journal isnt gonna make sense but im upset so im venting it out anyway
yknow, i really fucking hate yaoi/BL/whatever you call it and ive been called out on it from a small handful of ppl who're always like "why dont you like it?" "are you a homophobe?" or what-the-fuck-ever
like, i'm a queer woman. when it comes to sex, women are the only people that appeal to me, but with everything else its fair game. and bc i hate BL, people go off at me and assume im a homophobe, but theres a million FUCKING reasons why i hate it that no one outside of queer women will be able to understand
im so fucking sick of gay men getting all the representation in everything, and everyone always supports them more than literally everyone else. if a man is bisexual/pansexual/asexual, people always pair him with men and call him gay anyway, because fuck forbid f/f and fuck forbid m/f, right ??? 
im so angry and upset that the second queer women want representation for relationships, gay men assume the
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Skyrim Stereotypes by SlayerSyrena Skyrim Stereotypes :iconslayersyrena:SlayerSyrena 3,163 528 Blossoms by StressedJenny Blossoms :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 953 31 What r u looking at? by Picolo-kun What r u looking at? :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 8,665 188 Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 05 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Prologue: Page 05 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,075 57 Horse nuzzlins by StressedJenny Horse nuzzlins :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 2,590 140 Mias and Elle Chapter2 pg12 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter2 pg12 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,111 141 12 years of improvement by loish 12 years of improvement :iconloish:loish 9,062 368 Love is love is love is love by Cyarin Love is love is love is love :iconcyarin:Cyarin 1,833 81
It had been two days’ time since Cayde had learned of Taniks’ presence on the moon. Two days’ time since he’d been struck by the haunting memory of his dear friends’ demise. Two days’ time since he’d gathered a strike team of his most trusted comrades (and a few trustworthy Warlocks and Titans). Two days’ time since he’d initiated his revenge.
Tevis had been out of regular contact since they’d descended into the Hellmouth some twenty one hours ago. Cayde had known that transmissions would be sporadic as they fought their way through the Hive and the Fallen, but the telemetries he’d received were short and recorded, distressed and breathless. They’d been locked in combat from the moment they’d set foot in the atrium, and the fight raged in the background of every transmission. Cayde worried, but held onto one thing he continued to repeat with every contact.
No casualties.
It was a rarity these da
:iconthe-shadowsmiths:The-Shadowsmiths 7 4
light in a darkened mind by SteamMouse light in a darkened mind :iconsteammouse:SteamMouse 35 8 Return from Mars by COSMICraven
Mature content
Return from Mars :iconcosmicraven:COSMICraven 17 19
Mei's Day Off by MarcBrunet Mei's Day Off :iconmarcbrunet:MarcBrunet 4,428 108 Night And Day Angel by sakimichan Night And Day Angel :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,305 311 AWB - Chapter 3 by Mizu-no-Akira AWB - Chapter 3 :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 1,108 84 Transborder 66 by Shue13 Transborder 66 :iconshue13:Shue13 604 24


I am moving to Archive of Our Own today for my fic uploads. If you'd like to keep on seeing my uploads, my ao3 account is Nomelah. This account will stay activated if you want to contact me here. My fics will stay up as well. I love you all, and thank you guys for supporting me as I started writing fics!
I am moving to Archive of Our Own today for my fic uploads. If you'd like to keep on seeing my uploads, my ao3 account is Nomelah. This account will stay activated if you want to contact me here. My fics will stay up as well. I love you all, and thank you guys for supporting me as I started writing fics!


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